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Affiliates presentation

In 2006 ApartmentsApart introduced brand new advanced options for travel agents and reservation systems as well as independent travel sites. The Affiliate Program together with the carefully designed IT integration tools and XML web-service system, were designed to meet the fast growing demand of travel agencies and many other types of tourist branch companies in order to offer our unique accommodation solutions. You can now either take advantage of employing our renowned brand or offer our excellent supply under your own trade name. Using software solutions developed by ApartmentsApart each Partner will be able to trace and verify the quantity of guests redirected from own web page to ApartmentsApart Reservation pages. Moreover, the database will keep you informed on the current reservation status.Commissions will be accumulated and the invoice automatically generated. All you have to do to begin is enroll on-line in 5 minutes and add a link on your web page that will direct potential customers to ours.

Cooperation model, agreement and commission. As by default, standard agreement and cooperation model have a few limitations that can be avoided only on separate agreement (see below information about Tailored Affiliation). A standard agreement assumes that:- reservations are maintained by the ApartmentsApart booking office, under our terms and conditions, with all security measures and cancellation policy
- the commission is paid by our company to the affiliate partner, and depends on the value set by the affiliate partner
- the customer pays for the apartment on arrival and in full amount
- every customer is treated as our standard guest, the only difference is the source of reservation, commission
- all extra services are not commissionable and can be booked by the customer on their request

Standard commission is set to 25% of the commission ApartmentsApart Affiliation Program receives from local serviced apartment providers, and apartments that are under our own management, which is 15-30% depending on the apartment and the city. The highest level is available in cities where we offer apartments managed by ourselves, and where we have our local offices. See About Us for more details. The commission level is progressive and depends on the amount sold per year quarter.The commission can be subject to negotiations but the level depends on the above mentioned factors. The commission can be renegotiated in the more advanced affiliation integration, and when the sales amount surpasses the expected one.

The agreement is standard, available online, and its acceptance is necessary to become our affiliate partner.