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Integration Options

There are different kinds of tools:
Links & BannersThis is the easiest cooperation mode available for every website owner. By using this option you can generate a link that contains a unique number (CID), and attach to it a nicely designed banner. Customers, who click on the banner, will be redirected to our website where they can view all apartments and proceed with the booking, as if it were our own website. Every reservation is tracked and visible in statistic data. The unique CID number is your affiliate number and you can see it when generating a link as a “?cid=#####” added to every link. The CID disappears from the syntax when a customer is using the webpage, however it is kept in the cookies of the customer’s computer for 2 days to follow. Every reservation made on our website during that time is marked with the affiliate’s source and is commissionable.
Search BoxesAlso easy and convenient for basic websites. In order to place a search box on your website a simple code is generated; it is basically a short formule with the following information: desired arrival day, departure day, city and number of guests. When the above data is submitted, you are redirected to our main website to view the results. The website can be unbranded, it can also be displayed as embedded in your website using iFrame in code. You can choose the affiliation form that best suits your website.
I-FrameThere is also an option that uses both of the above mentioned methods, which is a possibility to create a link for a language and city. When chosen, the basic white labeled website opens, with an available apartments simple search box. This option offers the possibility to create a few links for different languages and city, and to have results in the same page, in a frame.
Apartment data in Simple AffiliationThere is also one more option that is easy to use. By downloading the apartment data, an affiliate can create a nice looking website with all apartments that we offer, and use links to every apartment with CID (the link has to be manually generated).
XMLThis is the most advanced option that brings maximum independence in creating own brand, content of the site, mixing with other apartment or other accommodation options offered on the website. Usually, it works on the xml information exchanged between an apartment database created on the affiliate partner website and our database. XML integration offers 100% functionality that is offered on our websites (e.g.
Tailored AffiliationWe are aware of the fact that not all tools and cooperation models are suitable for all distributors. For this reason we are open to individual, separate agreements depending on a few factors such as: the potential affiliate partner brand perception, target, amount of sale, IT resources required etc. Please contact our office for more details.