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Frequently asked questions

How can I list my property?To list your properties, you’ll have to create an account here and fill it with your personal details. After reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions, submit the information and you’ll be able to start setting up your properties. Just follow the Upload Wizard, and all of the necessary information will be requested from you. In case any doubts arise, notify us and our staff will contact you to clarify. As soon as your property is approved, it will be immediately included in offers for our clients.Can I make changes to the properties already listed? Once your property is shown on our pages, you will not be able to edit it again. In case you want to change or amend any details, set prices, seasons and minimum stays for the following year, please send an e-mail to our staff, who will take care of those for you. Can I change the way the information is displayed on your page? No, as our templates are set up to be functional and client-oriented. All descriptions, prices, texts and photos are displayed in the same place for every property, so that the clients can quickly find easily understandable information about each property. When can I expect my property to be shown on your page? After notifying Apartments Apart that you’ve finished uploading a property, our staff will review it in order to double-check if any information is missing. If so, we’ll contact you about the missing information and wait for that information to be sent to us. Once all of the necessary information is inserted, your property will be displayed. If all of the information is correctly sent during the upload process, it will take maximum 24 hours. How many photos can I have for my property? There is no limit to the number of photos. We strongly advise that landlords to send about 5-8 photos of the interior and also a couple from the surroundings and exterior, as well. How do you set the customer ratings? The customer ratings are set directly by our clients, using a calculated average derived from surveys sent to each client regarding the following criteria: Comfort, Equipment, Location, Cleanliness, Staff, and Value for the Money. Who can reply to a survey about my property? Only clients who have stayed in your property will receive a survey. In cases of misleading or malicious ones, you have the option to contest such a survey, and it will be removed from the site.How can I increase the effectiveness of my property? There are a few things that can considerably increase the effectiveness of your property:
a) Upload your availability calendar: Our statistics tell us that 85% of clients reserve immediately if they receive an offer within 15 minutes from sending a request. Uploading your calendar every time you have a new reservation will not only make your property show up at the top of the search lists. It will also allows our staff to send an offer to clients immediately after receiving a request.
b) Take good photographs of both the interior and surroundings: A picture is worth more than 1,000 words, and good, recent photos have proven to be an excellent way to promote your property.
c) Detailed and accurate descriptions: Once a photograph has caught the eye’s attention, the mind will want to know every single detail. Don’t forget to mention when uploading your properties any extra fees, deposits, prepayments, distances to the main attractions and special notes.
d) Crea
Can I include a link or the web address of my personal page? The entire booking process is made through our staff; clients will not receive any contacts from landlords until their booking are confirmed and our commission charged to their credit card. This keeps you from being spammed by scammers and false clients. Because of this, no links, company names or e-mail addresses can be mentioned on our pages. Is there any limitation upon the number of properties that I can list with you? No. Whether you have one or twenty, we can list them on our website at no additional cost, each one having their own individual description page. However, in case you have several properties in the same building with the same amenities and descriptions, we advise you to display only one property and set it as an allotment. This will save you time when it comes to uploading information about availability, and it also allows you more freedom to fill inconvenient gaps between two reservations. The Dateblocker is an extremely helpful tool for this aspect. What are the search results criteria?The first criterion on the searches is whether the apartment is Live Available or Not Live Available. All of the properties with an uploaded calendar and set to Live Available will be listed first. Next come properties set to Not Live Available, meaning properties without a calendar available. The next search criterion depends upon the client’s preference settings, according to price, living space, the number of guests and customer rating. How much will it cost me to have my property listed with you? Nothing. We don't have any kind of membership fees. No limitations on the number of apartments shown on our pages or the number of photos. We work on a confirmed-booking commission basis, meaning that if we don’t get you enough bookings, you won’t lose any money. What does “working on a confirmed-booking commission basis” mean?Working on a confirmed-booking commission basis means two things: - Firstly, it means that we receive a commission of 15% of the prices displayed on our website. Since you control and set your own prices, you also control the actual commission that we receive. - Secondly, it means that we get something only if we manage to confirm a reservation. If a client contacts us and doesn't book, we don't charge you anything. Obviously, this only increases our efforts to rent your properties How should I set my prices? While uploading your properties, you’ll be asked to set your prices. When doing so, please don’t include our commission in the price. The commission has a fixed rate of 15%, and the final price for the client will be displayed on our website. Please take this into consideration when setting your prices How can I protect myself from cancellations? There are several ways to be prepared in case of cancellation. Some landlords choose to receive a bank transfer before arrival, which in a time of quick online bookings can be a dissuasive factor. Because of this, the majority of our partner landlords prefer to receive the total balance upon arrival. This means that until the client’s arrival, the landlord has to trust us in cases of cancellation or no-show. For this reason, we have a strict cancellation policy to protect both your and our interests. Because we demand credit card details in order to confirm any reservation (except if the landlord agrees to make a booking by bank transfer), we can charge the cancellation fees. However, since all clients have the right to contest any charge made to their credit card, it can take up to four months for us to be able to send you the money by bank transfer What is your cancellation policy? Below, you can see the cancellation policy that we apply and that all of our clients receive. Please note that the text in italics is explicative, and not sent to clients. CANCELLATION POLICY
We cannot be responsible for bad weather, illness, changes in travel plans or travel delays. In cases where a confirmed booking has been made and a client fails to inform us about their decision to cancel their stay in one of our apartments prior to seven days before their arrival, we unfortunately have to demand partial compensation. The details below are maximum penalties; if possible, we prefer to ask for mild compensation, the only cases where we are strict is a no-show. The cancellation fee will be debited automatically from your credit card. WE RECOMMEND YOU TAKE OUT CANCELLATION INSURANCE!!!!
Bookings for 1 or 2 apartments for less than 3 weeks:
Cancellation more than 30 days prior to arrival: 20 euro (admin fee) (we refund the prepayment to the client, keeping 20€
What is the difference between Live Available and Not Live AvailableOur business model is prepared not only to suit every landlord, but also to be as easy and quick as possible for a client to complete a reservation. Our experience has proven that most clients reserve immediately if they get an answer within 15 minutes. So, the effectiveness of your collaboration with us depends on the accuracy of the availability upload. Not Live Available – All of our partner landlords start out this way. During a trial period of three months, you’ll have a chance to see the way we work for yourself. Every time a client searches for an accommodation option which matches your property, you’ll receive a request from us about availability. Landlords that fail to upload their calendar also have this status. Though it might seem more convenient for you not to upload any calendar, this has several disadvantages:
The response time to a client increases considerably, since we will need to wait for your reply. Apartments set to Not Live Available are shown last on sea