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Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of participation in the affiliation program?There are no costs. It is totally free of charge.How to start cooperation?Please register and log into our system. As soon as you are registered, you will get access to place traceable requests and reservations that are subject to commission.What are the benefits?We offer as a standard 25% from the commission we receive for all apartments on offer, the commission may rise depending on the amount of nights sold. In practice, it is 3-7% depending on the apartment and the city.When is the commission paid?As a standard, it is paid whenever the amount paid to the affiliate partner reaches 100€, but it can be re-set. The amount is important as the transfer costs in some cases may be higher than the commission. There are also other possibilities such as a net rate option (the price paid to us reduced by the commission), credit card payments, or even pay pal, but these are reserved for advanced affiliation and only to apartments that are under our own management.Who will maintain and secure the reservations?There are two possible ways. One is that the agent makes the reservation and participates in the whole reservation process between ApartmentsApart and the customer. Another option is to simply leave it all to us. We have a large reservation centre where we take care of the communication with the client