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Frequently asked questions

Who can participate in the program?Every web page owner who agrees to our terms and conditions. It can be a simple html site or an advanced tourist and hotel reservation service.What is the difference between basic and advanced affiliation?In a basic affiliation situation, we assume full functionality of our website, where all standard terms are used and standard procedures are applied. It is usually based on a simple passing of the customer to us. Advanced affiliation is a more sophisticated cooperation model, usually reserved for Internet reservation systems. Basic affiliation does not require support or a special agreement and is available “as is” 24/7. What are XML and Web services?XML and Web services are a modern technology used to exchange information, for example, between databases. In case of our affiliation program it means that your website, based on a database, can query our reservation database and display on your website the most up-to-date information (e.g. available apartments available to book on line).What is the cost of participation in the affiliation program?There are no costs. The affiliation is totally free of charge. However, please bear in mind the fact that advanced affiliation may take 1 to 3 days of programming.What are the benefits?We offer as a standard 25% from the commission we receive for all the apartments we offer, the commission may rise depending on the amount of nights sold. In practice, it is 3-7% depending on the apartment and the city. Some apartments are under our own management and some are based on cooperation with local apartment providers.When is the commission paid?As a standard, it is paid whenever the amount paid to the affiliate partner reaches 100€, but it can be re-set. The amount is important as the transfer costs in some cases may be higher than the commission. There are also other possibilities such as a net rate option (the price paid to us reduced by the commission), credit card payments, or even pay pal, but these are reserved for advanced affiliation and only to apartments that are under our own management.Can I implement one city or apartment?Yes, this is possible, but by using xml integration and web services. Manually it is also possible but only by putting the link to desired apartment (but there is no guarantee that the guest doesn't book another apartment from our website).Who maintains and secures the reservations?It is us. We have a large reservation centre. We take care for the communication with the client, we also take full responsibility for the whole process including fraudulent reservations. For our booking staff the affiliation program is transparent, so the process of making a reservation is similar, whether it is a customer from our website or from the affiliate website. All you have to do is relax and watch the statistics.How can I be sure that I receive my commission from every guest that has made a reservation?As already mentioned, for our booking staff every reservation is the same, whatever the source. Our goal is to sell as much as possible and the commission is an agreed cost of marketing. Every reservation is tracked and listed in the statistics, so you can easily check the status (canceled, confirmed, paid, dropped etc.), and share your doubts and opinions with us.I wish to promote my website and my brandIt is also possible that every message we send can be supplied (header and footer) with a logo and the affiliate partner information.I am a tourist agent and I have my own website, can I manage the reservations on my own?Another simple solution is to have a simple apartment presentation using downloaded data and a request form, where you can place your own request form. To place the reservation you can use our Agent's site (see tools for agents) where you can put the reservation under the guest form giving your email address to receive and modify the content and send to the customer.How can I start using the affiliation tools?By registering on this site you get access to all affiliation tools required to start using the basic affiliation. In order to use webservices and proceed with the xml integration, a full activation is required.