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Partner with us:
    Integrating with us through:
    • Links and banners

      The easiest way for everyone to become an Partner is to use a simple hyper-link. As an Affiliate you can generate a link to the main page (all cities) or to a specific city. The other option is to also download one of the banners available through the “” panel and use it with the link. Our site pops up in its original layout. We track all the reservations made by this link, to know exactly which bookings were partnered by your company.

    • Search boxes and results

      You can use our search box, also generated easily at the panel (by choosing city or cities, and style). The search box can open search results on our brand site (with our look) or can display the search results on a separated list which can have any look that you want. The result can be melted into the contents and framed within your own page (with your look).

    • Putting all apartment data in your database

      Maybe you have a website with your own renowned brand, and/or your own accommodation database, interface, layout and style. If this is the case, you might want even greater flexibility. Download all apartment data (descriptions, pictures) in every language, rewrite it and put it in your own look and feel, on your page. Thanks to the XML you can easily make bookings directly to our system, which are tracked (just use a web-service which puts customer data into our system i.e. “request”)

    • The advanced XML service

      The advanced XML allows you full, creative control and flexibility in presenting our apartments information, search and reservation processes. You are able to present our content in any way you like. The reservation can be made by “request” or directly “online” (after getting this option enabled through our Affiliate Centre)

    • Using our unbranded page

      This is a great way of becoming our Partner if you are in direct touch and/or personal sales relationship with your customers (e.g. Travel Agency or Office). The unbranded page allows you to show all the apartments to your customer and let him choose the apartment directly. You can check its availability at specific dates (in specific cities), make the booking (“request” or “online”), and see the price the customer should pay. Without logging in to the unbranded page one does not see the price calculation, just the availability of the apartments (functions like an on-line, virtual catalogue).