This agreement (further: „the Agreement”) is concluded


ApartmentsApart Sp. z o.o. company, with its registered seat in 2 Miła St.; 00-180 Warsaw, Poland; entered into National Court Register

kept by Warsaw District Court, XII Commercial Division, under number 0000291778,

represented by Chairman Mr. Emil Majkowski



the applicant to the Affiliate Program,


hereafter in this Agreement referred to jointly as the “Parties”.


APARTMENTSAPART provides services including on-line accommodation reservation,

APARTMENTSAPART wishes to cooperate with Affiliate in order to increase number

of accommodation reservations,

Affiliate is willing to disseminate information concerning APARTMENTSAPART

services on its Internet site, in exchange for fee,

both parties wish to cooperate in good faith and in accordance with the

provisions of this Contract



The Parties decide that the terms below shall have the following meaning:

(i) “Accommodation Database” – database processed by APARTMENTSAPART including

information on availability and reservation status of APARTMENTSAPART


(ii) “Affiliate Website” – any website operated by Affiliate;

(iii) “Agreement” – this agreement

(iv) „Client” means a person interested in reservation of APARTMENTSAPART


(v) „Rules of cancellation” means rules of financial calculation applied by

APARTMENTSAPART towards Clients cancelling reservation;

(vi) “APARTMENTSAPART Accommodation” means accommodation offered by


(vii) “APARTMENTSAPART IP” – means APARTMENTSAPART trademark, commercial name

and APARTMENTSAPART Website address, as set forth in Appendix no 1 to this


(viii) “APARTMENTSAPART Website” – means main website operated by



Under this Agreement APARTMENTSAPART undertakes to pay Affiliate a fee

conditional upon sale of APARTMENTSAPART Accommodation to a Client, provided

that the Client has been directly referred to APARTMENTSAPART Website from

Affiliate Website or made his reservation for APARTMENTSAPART Accommodation

indirectly, via Affiliate Website.


3.1 Each Party represents that it is solvent. Each Party represents that

neither provisions of law, administrative decision, judicial decision, nor

contract with a third party constitutes an obstacle for the that Party’s

performance under the Agreement.

3.2 The Parties represent that they are and shall remain separate legal

entities. The Parties declare that this Agreement is not to be construed as a

civil partnership agreement.

3.3 Affiliate represents and warrants that it holds the right to operate

Affiliate Website. Affiliate represents that Affiliate Website is set up in

accordance with the relevant law and that Affiliate Website does not infringe

upon rights of any third party.

3.4 APARTMENTSAPART represents and warrants that it holds the right to operate


Website is set up in accordance with the Polish law and that APARTMENTSAPART

Website does not infringe upon rights of any third party.

3.5 Each Party represents that its performance under the Agreement is covered

by the scope of its registered commercial activity.

3.6 The Affiliate shall be solely liable vis-a-vis public tax authorities and

other administrative bodies with respect to his performance under the



4.1 General provisions

4.1.1 APARTMENTSAPART grants Affiliate non-exclusive right to use links and

other references to APARTMENTSAPART Website on Affiliate Website in order to

create traffic to APARTMENTSAPART Website (further: “Direct reference”) or

process Accommodation Database on Affiliate Website in order to create demand

for APARTMENTSAPART Accommodation (further: “Indirect reference”).

4.2 Direct reference

4.2.1 Affiliate may create Direct reference to APARTMENTSAPART Website using

links, frames, searchboxes or any other suitable HTML objects. To this end,

Affiliate may use APARTMENTSAPART IP, subject to restrictions set forth below.

4.3 Indirect reference

4.3.1 Affiliate may process Accommodation Database in order to display

APARTMENTSAPART Accommodation data on Affiliate Website and book

APARTMENTSAPART Accommodation for Clients in accordance with the Accommodation

Database, subject to restrictions set forth below.

4.3.2 Affiliate is granted right to arrange the display of relevant

APARTMENTSAPART Accommodation data on Affiliate Website in a suitable manner.

However, Affiliate shall be solely liable vis-a-vis APARTMENTSAPART and

Clients for presenting on Affiliate Website APARTMENTSAPART Accommodation


(i) in a false manner, or

(ii) out-of-date, or

(iii) from the source other than APARTMENTSAPART (further:


4.3.3 APARTMENTSAPART shall be entitled to indemnification from Affiliate with

regard to damages resulting from Misrepresentation.

4.3.4 APARTMENTSAPART Accommodation data presented by means of Indirect

reference shall be accompanied by the Rules of cancellation, in a manner

legally binding the Client in respect of the Rules of cancellation.

4.3.5 Gaining access and processing Accommodation Database shall be effected

by Affiliate in a manner set forth in the Appendix 2 to Agreement.

APARTMENTSAPART undertakes to enable Affiliate to gain access to Accommodation

Database within the framework set forth in the Agreement.

4.4 Licence

4.4.1 For the purposes of making Direct reference or Indirect reference,

APARTMENTSAPART grants Affiliate non-exclusive licence on the following


(i) licence to use APARTMENTSAPART IP,

(ii) licence to process Accommodation Database (further: “Licence”).

4.4.2 The Licence is limited to the territory of the state in which Affiliate

has its seat.

4.4.3 Affiliate shall have no right to grant the Licence or its part to any

other party, unless Affiliate obtains APARTMENTSAPART’s consent in a written

form, under the pain of nullity.

4.4.4 The Licence shall be automatically revoked once the Agreement is

terminated, rescinded or otherwise ceases to bind any of the Parties. In such

situation, Affiliate shall be bound to cease any activity having regard to the

subject matter of the Licence, in particular Affiliate shall be bound to

immediately remove APARTMENTSAPART’s trademarks, commercial name and

APARTMENTSAPART Website address from Affiliate Website.

4.4.5 The Agreement does not transfer any other rights to Affiliate, in

particular the Agreement does not transfer APARTMENTSAPART IP, Accommodation

Database property rights or any other rights in any IP or any databases to


4.4.6 Affiliate undertakes to protect APARTMENTSAPART IP and Accommodation

Database. In particular, Affiliate undertakes to deny the access and protect

Accommodation Database from intrusion of any third party or other unauthorised

person. Affiliate undertakes to inform APARTMENTSAPART to any infringements or

attempted infringements upon APARTMENTSAPART IP or Accommodation Database.

4.4.7 Affiliate acknowledges that APARTMENTSAPART IP and Accommodation

Database are subject to legal protection as a sole property of APARTMENTSAPART

and that APARTMENTSAPART is entitled to modify and assign APARTMENTSAPART IP

and Accommodation Database.

4.4.8 Affiliate acknowledges that use of APARTMENTSAPART IP and Accommodation

Database contrary to the Agreement may give rise to civil and criminal

liability on the part of Affiliate.

4.5 Additional duties, disclaimers and liability

4.5.1 All Direct references and Indirect references shall be created by

Affiliate in an aesthetic manner. Direct references and Indirect references

shall not be accompanied or set as a background or put in the context of

visual or verbal elements which presence in the Internet is contrary to the

law, Internet ethics or commonly acknowledge customs or infringe upon rights

of third parties.

4.5.2 Affiliate shall not enjoy the status of APARTMENTSAPART’s exclusive

agent neither with respect to territory nor group of Clients.

4.5.3 APARTMENTSAPART shall not bear any liability in case of malfunction of

APARTMENTSAPART Website or Accommodation database.

5. FEE

5.1 Affiliate shall be entitled to fee calculated on the basis of

APARTMENTSAPART commission related to the value of the lease of

APARTMENTSAPART Accommodation to a given Client, directed to APARTMENTSAPART

Website by mean of Direct reference or booking APARTMENTSAPART Accommodation

by mean of Indirect reference (further: “Fee”). The Fee shall be due provided

that the Client, reserves APARTMENTSAPART Accommodation and pays the rent in

full amount.

5.2 The Fee shall amount to 25% of the APARTMENTSAPART commission reduced by

APARTMENTSAPART’s operational costs. APARTMENTSAPART’s operational costs shall

include credit card commissions and cash transfer costs.

5.3 The Fee shall be due at the end of the month following the month in which

APARTMENTSAPART gained right to its commission. Affiliate shall be entitled to

inspect the status of the Clients’ reservations on the basis of the

Accommodation database. The Parties agree that granting Affiliate an access to

the Accommodation database as set forth in this provision of the Agreement

meets the requirements set forth in Art. 761(5) sec. 1 and 2 of the Polish

Civil Code.

5.4 The Fee shall be transferred to Affiliate upon delivery of the commercial


5.5 he Fee shall rise and reach higher level of the commission depending on

the volume of sales according to the schema published on


6.1 The Parties shall keep the terms of the Agreement confidential.

Information conveyed by one Party to the other shall be used solely for the

purpose resulting directly from the execution of the provisions of this

Agreement. Any information, referred to above, may be disclosed to a third

party only upon gaining consent of the second Party, unless a duty to disclose

results from the binding provisions of law.

6.2 The provisions of this part of the Agreement shall be applied within the 5

years following the moment in which given information was disclosed to the

second Party, but not shorter than 10 years since the conclusion of this


6.3 Each Party shall be liable for any damages resulting from the breach of

duty to keep information confidential.


7.1 General provisions

7.1.1 The Agreement is concluded for 1 year.

7.1.2 Upon the lapse of each 1 year period, the duration of the Agreement is

to be extended for next period of 1 year, unless notice to other effect is

produced and delivered by any of the Parties acting within the lapsing period.

7.1.3 The Agreement may be terminated:

(i) in any time – without notice of termination, with immediate effect,

(ii) by the mean of a notice of termination.

7.1.4 Termination of the Agreement with or without the notice of termination

shall take effect upon delivery to the second Party of the statement of one of

the Parties, drawn in the written form under the pain of nullity.

7.2 Termination of the Agreement without notice

7.2.1 This Agreement is subject to immediate termination, without prejudice to

the rights of any of the Parties, in case:

(i) any of the Parties recurrently breaches its obligations set forth in the

Agreement; or

(ii) APARTMENTSAPART fails to perform its obligation to pay any due invoice,

regardless of delivery of the written notice to this fact by Affiliate and

fixing additional 1 month term to pay.

7.2.2 In case the Agreement is terminated due to Affiliate’s breach, Affiliate

shall not be entitled to any outstanding fee or fee due in future.

7.3 Termination of the Agreement with notice

7.3.1 Each Party may terminate the Agreement further to 3 months prior notice.


8.1 Assignment of rights and obligations

8.1.1 Affiliate shall not assign any of its rights and obligations resulting

from the Agreement to the third parties without prior consent of

APARTMENTSAPART, drawn in the written form under the pain of nullity.

8.1.2 APARTMENTSAPART is free to assign any of its rights and obligations

resulting from the Agreement to the third parties without prior consent of

Affiliate. The assignment shall be effective upon the delivery of the

assignment notice to Affiliate.

8.2 Amendments

8.2.1 All amendments to the Agreement shall be made in the written form under

the pain of nullity.

8.3 Salvatory clause

8.3.1 Should any provision or part of the provision of this Agreement be

declared invalid, the rest remains in force while the Parties shall undertake

such steps as will be necessary in order to achieve the goals and purposes of

the Agreement in some other, legally acceptable, manner.

8.4 Resolution of the disputes

8.4.1 Any disputes that may result from the application of the Agreement shall

be resolved by the Parties by means of negotiations led in good faith. Each

Party shall undertake an attempt to negotiate the dispute on the basis of a

written request, served by the other Party.

8.4.2 Should negotiations between the Parties fail, the dispute will be

resolved by the Polish court in the APARTMENTSAPART’s registered seat


8.5 Third parties

8.5.1 The Agreement shall not be construed as giving rise to any rights or

claims on the part of any third party.

8.6 Applicable law

8.6.1 The Polish law shall be applicable to this Agreement.

Appendix no 1 to the Agreement


Names, trade marks, logos, symbols, other commercial names, addresses and

names of websites, sub-websites and internet domains; in particular:

Logos, names, commercial names and trademarks of: APARTMENTSAPART Group, Old

Town Apartments, Apartments Apart

Internet addresses::

Addresses, telephone and fax numbers of the aforementioned companies

Graphic as well as textual contents of the elements listed in section 1, that

fall under copyright protected categories, in particular: graphic and textual

descriptions concerning the apartments and other types of APARTMENTSAPART

Accommodation; banners; maps; the general pattern of the layout of specific

elements, fragments of the source code of the aforementioned, in different

programming languages; the contents of translations, agreements and contracts


Appendix no 2 to the Agreement

Partner’s accessing any data and materials, APARTMENTSAPART IP etc., is clearly

described and is pursued and performed by means of the panel available at the site, in a default manner, according to the instructions

available there or provided by an appropriate APARTMENTSAPART employee. Any

accessing through hacking, inappropriate or incorrect use, circumventing

security measurements and system, access ways and manners as well as tools

intended, designed and created specifically and solely for this purpose, is