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ApartmentsApart Affiliation Program

ApartmentsApart group is one of world's largest serviced property providers. What differentiates us and defines our unique position in the market is that we are the leading apartment owner, dynamically expanding available supply. We also supplement our own accommodations with the readily available properties of our contracted smaller-property owners. Our ambition, which we are continuously and dynamically striving to fulfill, is to become the direct provider and owner of quality apartment accommodation in every corner of the globe.

The Affiliate Program together with the carefully designed IT integration tools, such as the '' panel and the XML web-service system, were designed to meet the fast growing demand of travel agencies and many other branches of the tourist industry, to offer our unique accommodation solutions.

As our Affiliate, you will have access to the enormous earning potential, emerging from this tremendous inventory of thousands of holiday, vacation and business trip properties worldwide. Once you are able to extend it to your customers, your website's quality traffic will yet be improved, your brand possibly further proliferated, and your revenue maximized. You will be on your way to letting us provide you with a successful future in the accommodation industry. Simple to achieve by partnering with us in a number of easy to implement ways which will suit the needs and possible preferences you might have. As a consequence, you can either use the advantages of employing our renowned brand, or offer our excellent supply under your own trade name.

  • Partner with an optimized, well positioned website -
    in today's world and the Internet, the success of a company and its website depends to a great extent on its position or rank in different search engines. Our site is well maintained in order to provide it a very high position in the relevant search engines.
  • Receive up to 15% of your sales revenue
  • Feel confident about receiving your money - your payments will be made in a timely manner once the minimum amount you've decided on has been earned.
  • Be a part of a transparent system - easy to read statistics help us to track your earnings, and you to know where you really stand
  • Upgrade your website - add a full serviced online booking system to your website
  • Become multilingual - all information displayed in up to 18 languages
  • Get confirmation right away - use “Real Time” booking systems with online confirmations
  • Use flexible options - create your pages with your logos,your brand and your own layout
  • Get paid the way you want - we offer many different methods for the commission payment and can custom tailor your commission to fit your individual business needs
  • Sit back and watch your revenue grow - there is absolutely no work to be done by you as our affiliate other than simply implementing our universal interface into your site.
  • Maximize your profit FREE - there is absolutely no additional cost to you

Getting started is easy. Simply fill in the form and you will have immediate access to all the great opportunities.